The Tawny 40o is a sedan in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Gangstar: Miami Vindication. It supersedes the Patriot from Gangstar 2: Kings Of L.A. and the Horizon from Gangstar: Crime City. It's the game's most basic vehicle, and plays 42.0 FM LEGALIZE-IT by default when entered.


Like its previous incarnation, the Patriot, the Tawny is based on a 1998-present Ford Crown Victoria. It's available only in tan, as suggested by its name. It is availible in blue in Gangstar: Miami Vindication though.

As in real life, variants of the Tawny are used as public transport and police cruisers.


Performance of the Tawny is average. It is apparently powered by a 4.0 litre engine, as hinted at by its name, although power and acceleration are only average. Braking is fair, though not excellent. The suspension of the car is sub-par, as it tends to roll bodily around corners due to its soft set-up, leaving it prone to oversteer.


The Tawny is first used in Nobody Walks in L.A..