Sunset Harbour is an area within the Ocean Drive district in Gangstar: Crime City.

Location Edit

Sunset Harbour is located to the west of the Ocean Drive district of Crime City, hence its name. It is a very large area as it sprawls the entire western coast of the district. It is flanked by the ocean to the west; while Atlantic Springs and Flamingo Terrace border it to the east.

Description Edit

The area contains no residences. There are parking lots, footpaths and short patches of land with sand. The wooden pier is an important constituent of the area; there is no continuos stretch of road, rather, long wooden piers are used for walking. Several businesses are also located on the pier. The Hotel Big Shore is also located in sunset. These buildings all have an overhead swimming pool each.

Trivia Edit

  • Sunset Harbour spans from the southern end to the northern end of the city; as such it is the longest area in the game.
  • It is the only place in the game to be located in water.
  • The mission Big Bang takes place here; this is where Shugz dies.
  • There are no streets in the area; there are only piers, footpaths, parking lots and sand.