Shugz is a main character in Gangstar: Crime City.


Shugz is the queen bee of the Viperz, the rival gang of Inspector Barnes. The protagonist is first tasked to kill her, but he spares her life in exchange for money and a supply of prostitutes. Shugz meets her demise at the hands of Crank Marshall in the end however.


Shugz was the leader of a gang that rivals the gang of Barnes. Barnes sends the protagonist to kill her; however, Shugz manages to talk him out of it, by offering to double the money if he spares her and works for her instead. The player accepts and works a few jobs for Shugz, which includes killing some of Barnes' own men as well. It may be assumed that the two shared some romantic feelings though this is not explicitly depicted.


The player returns to Ocean Drive and resumes his activities. Feeling threatened by the protagonist's increasing power, the protagonist's ally Crank Marshall betrays him by siding with Kingpin. At a beach in Ocean Drive, the player is summoned by Marshall, where, upon his arrival, Shugz is shot dead before the player's eyes.


  • Shugz is the only significant female character in the game.
  • She is depicted as a swarthy woman with curly locks.
  • In the game, Shugz appears outside the dialogue box only once, at the end when she is killed by Crank Marshall. She never appears in the gameplay. In the cutscene where she is killed, she is potrayed by the common female pedestrian character model.
  • Shugz's exact affiliation is unclear; she is introduced as a rival to Barnes (who is associated with Marshall) but after the player completes all her missions, she asks him to return to Ocean Drive, saying "the organization will contact you for the next mission"; but upon returning to Ocean Drive the player works for Marshall (who is from an opposing party) like before.
  • That the protagonist switches loyalties between rivals Barnes and Shugz, working for both of them may be a spoof of the storyline of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City where the protagonist Tommy Vercetti works for both the Cubans and the Haitians while the two gangs are feuding.
  • Although it is never explicitly mentioned, it may be assumed that the protagonist and Shugz shared romantic feelings for each other as suggested by the fact that Marshall kills Shugz to weaken the protagonist and Crime Minister says he's "sorry about what happened to Shugz" when he meets the protagonist.