The Patriot is a car in Gangstar 2: Kings of LA, akin to the Dundreary Admiral in GTA IV, and the Horizon in Crime City.


The Patriot is a mid-sized sedan that is based wholly upon the Ford Crown Victoria. It assumes a shorter wheelbase though. Available colours include metallic blue, apple green, brown, yellow, cream-and-brown and black-and-white. There is a special variant with a unique red body and yellow top, with a board mounted on top. This variant appears to be a taxi, and cannot be bought from car dealers ; functionally, it has the same purpose as other cars and cannot be ridden in or used for side-missions. Also present is a six-door limousine available only in blue ; it can be sighted only in Beverly Hills.

The Patriot is found mostly around town and in lots. Handling and power are largely average. Its top speed is 89 mph (143 km/h)