The term "Ocean Drive" in Gangstar: Crime City refers to one of the two districts in the game and also to the northernmost street in this district.


Ocean Drive is one of the two districts in the game, the other being Downtown. It is the affluent part of the city and contains many posh hotels, resorts, pools and beaches. It is here that the protagonist begins his journey. Some areas in this district are Marina Boulevard, Atlantic Springs, Meridian Avenue and Springsteen Appartments. The district is bordered by water on three sides, namely east, south and west while it connects to Downtown through the north and a road in the south. The district spans 2 kilometers from east to west as evidenced by the fact that a vehicle travelling at 276 km/h takes 26 seconds to go from one extreme end to the other.

Ocean Drive (Street)Edit

Ocean Drive also refers to the north-easternmost part of the Ocean Drive district. The street is flanked by Meridian Avenue on the west and the beach on the east. A well known hotel named Ocean View overlooks the street. At the eastern end, near the beach, a bazooka can be found.