Gone in 40 Seconds is a mission performed in Gangstar: Crime City by the protagonist for Inspector Barnes.

Description Edit

The mission involves getting Barnes' stolen car back from Paradise Expy. It is performed in Downtown.

Background Edit

Unbeknownst to Barnes, the protagonist has spared Shugz's life and is secretly working for her. He takes out some of Barnes' men and rescues Shugz's ally. Meanwhile, in the player's absence, Barnes' vehicle has been stolen by the Cuban gang. When the player finally approaches Barnes, the latter is annoyed that the player has been fooling about while he suffered problems. Barnes threatens that he will kill the protagonist if the latter does not get his car back.

The Mission Edit

The protagonist goes to the Paradise Expy. area where the car is being held by the gang. He kills those who are guarding it and takes the car away. He manages to get the car back to Havana Village before the gang can sound the alarm.