Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A is a mobile game, developed and published by Gameloft.[1] It was released in November 2008. The game is about a gangster, Pedro (nicknamed Chico) and his friend Juan, who have escaped from Mexico. They arrive in Los Angeles looking for money and power. Gangstar 2 was ported to the iPhone in 2009, retitled Gangstar: West Coast Hustle, with fairly major changes to gameplay and the plotline. This was the final installment of the Gangstar series to be published in Java; future installations of the game were smartphone-exclusive.

Gameplay Edit

Like Grand Theft Auto, the game has a free-roam, sandbox-style structure, and allows the player to do whichever mission at his/her own leisure. Players can sell their candies to candy shops to earn money or invest in buying movies. Policemen and their vehicles are like the LAPD. Players can also explore the four areas consisting of the Coast, Suburbs, Downtown and Beverly Hills of Los Angeles.

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