Eddie Fallon is a character in Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Gangstar: Miami Vindication . In West Coast Hustle he offers Pedro (a.k.a P Thug) a job as a racer. In his final appearance in West Coast Hustle he instructs Pedro to beat him in a race so he can retire at ease. Once you beat him he will tell you that he is going to Florida to retire and find a widow with lots of cash. This sets up his appearance in Miami Vindication.

In Miami Vindication Johnny gets assigned a mission from Al 's sister Amelia to steal a custom tuned motorcycle from Eddie Fallon. She tells him that he has come out to Miami to blow his life savings and that he is a legend. Once you go to his mansion and steal his bike he will chase you through the city until you lose him or kill him. He fires a shotgun at you.

His appearance changed through the games. In West Coast Hustle he has long red/brown hair and in Miami Vindication he has short blonde hair. He is one of two characters in the Gangstar series, the other being L.C, to ever appear in two games.