Crime Minister is a main character in Gangstar: Crime City.

Description Edit

He is depicted as a dark skinned Hispanic man. He seems to know the protagonist from before the events of Gangstar: Crime City. He welcomes the player to Crime City. He resides in eastern Marina Boulevard.

Role Edit

Crime Minister remains a very close ally of the player throughout the game. He gives the player a few missions. The player, expanding his scope, moves to Downtown where he has a successful stint working with Inspector Barnes and Shugz. After the player returns to Ocean Drive, Crank Marshall seemingly resumes his alliance with the player but this is later revealed to be a sham as Marshall double crosses him and kills Shugz, allying himself with Kingpin. At this point, Crime Minister returns to the plot as the sole supporter of the protagonist. He offers help and manages to track down Marshall who the player then kills for revenge. Crime Minister oversees the player killing Kingpin and the two then become overlords of the city. At the end of the game he suggests the player to bribe the authorities to overlook the evidence of the crimes committed by the player provided by Kingpin.

Trivia Edit

  • Crime Minister does not appear in the gameplay outside the dialogue cutscenes.
  • His relationship to the player or Marshall is unclear. He appears to know both of them from before.
  • "Crime Minister" is just a nickname; just like the protagonist, his real name is never revealed.

Quotes Edit

  • "Finally, bro', you're late. Better not have any bacon on your tail. They're all up in this piece. Times are tough, especially 'cause you owe $50,000 to the Kingpin"; in the beginning of the game.
  • "You're looking for a punk taking his car. Try not to shoot any cops, you don't want to blow your cover"; while instructing the player on a mission.
  • "Hey again, esse. They call me the Crime Minister cuz I run this barrio. They gonna make movies about me one day, 'Scarface' style, ya know?"
  • "In this game, a man only has his brains and his balls. And all you been usin' is your balls. If you really want revenge, you gotta use the brain too. Come with me and we'll take all these fools down"; after Marshall betrays the player.