Crank Marshall is the former cellmate of the protagonist in Gangstar: Crime City.

Initial storylineEdit

Upon his arrival in Crime City, the protagonist performs the game's earliest missions for Marshall. Marshall helps the former in getting acquainted with the city by helping him purchase weapons. In one of the missions, he employs the protagonist as a hitman, sending him to kill his nephew. Kingpin is shown to not have a favorable opinion of Marshall.

Inspector BarnesEdit

At one point, Marshall introduces the protagonist to Inspector Barnes who is an undercover gangster despite working as a cop. The protagonist then begins working for Barnes downtown.

Later appearances and deathEdit

Later in the game, Marshall betrays the protagonist.

Upon returning to Ocean Drive from Downtown, the protagonist reforms his alliance with Marshall. By now, the protagonist is romantically involved with Shugz after working with her Downtown. It may be assumed that around this time, Marshall is contacted by Kinpin and the two agree to forget their rivalry and work together to take out the protagonist as the latter is gaining increasing influence in the city. Marshall asks the protagonist to meet him at the west side beach. At the beach, Marshall openly betrays the protagonist by citing practical benefits as his reason and insults the protagonist before claiming that everything the protagonist earned now belongs to Kingpin. Marshall then shoots Shugz dead before the protagonist's eyes.

Following Marshall's betrayal, Crime Minister offers his support to the protagonist. Crime Minister's men get the whereabouts of Marshall who is then pursued and killed by the protagonist. The protagonist also goes on to kill the surviving members of Marshall's gang and takes over his businesses.