Big Bang is a mission performed by the protagonist in Gangstar: Crime City.

Description Edit

Big Bang is one of the later missions of the game; only a few missions exist between the completion of Big Bang and the completion of the game. It takes place in the Ocean Drive district in Crime City.

Big Bang is notable for marking the end of the alliance between Crank Marshall and the protagonist and the death of Shugz.

The Mission Edit

At Marina Boulevard, Marshall tells the player, presumably by phone, to meet him at the beach to the west of the city. Marshall claims that they are in trouble and asks the protagonist to come alone and make sure no one follows him.

At the beach, Marshall insults and mocks the player, making his betrayal known. He belittles the player, calling him amateurish and without experience and mocks him for thinking he can run the city. He makes his affiliation to Kingpin clear by claiming everything the protagonist worked for now belongs to Kingpin. Shugz is then shot dead. The protagonist then kills everyone on the pier before exiting the beach where Crime Minister offers to help him take revenge.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Crank Marshall asks the protagonist to meet him at "Ocean Drive", the events of the mission take place at Sunset Harbour; Ocean Drive is actually further to the north-east and on the other side of the district.
  • After Shugz is shot, the player kills everyone on the pier, including Shugz's killer. If Marshall himself shot Shugz, it would mean he died in this mission but his actual death takes place in the subsequent mission. This indicates that Marshall himself did not kill Shugz and was not even physically present at the pier while Shugz was shot; he may have given the orders through phone. His insulting the protagonist may also have happened through the phone.
  • How Marshall captured Shugz is never revealed.